Terminally Bourgeois

by: Shana David

An MG-1 Mini-Synth (played by Shana) and vocals (also Shana) are, “…nothing short of delightful,” or so said Jacksonville, Florida’s Folio Weekly.
They also called it “witty,” with lyrics that are “clever as hell,” and referred to the album as, “a super neat collection of short funness,” a phrase that rather aptly describes Shana herself. Shana David’s first EP, “Terminally Bourgeois,” as Andre Breton declared all music to be, features artwork by Jacksonville artist and collaborator Ryan Strasser. The 7” also comes wrapped in it’s very own sanitary trash bag.

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Press About This Release

“ps- i enjoyed ‘fucked up’ thanks for the 7inch.”

– Ian Mackaye

“..surely the 8-bit operators will find this warrants a spin.”

-Thurston Hunger